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Author xiang.zhang
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Date 2016-11-28.08:22:21
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> 4.  Guard against misbehaving generators/iterables *before* they are put into the taskqueue.

This approach is good. 2 points about the patch:

1. How about _map_async(map)? Does it need the same strategy? For an iterator with __len__ defined it seems to get the same issue as here.

from multiprocessing import Pool
def double(x):
    return 2 * x
class buggy:
        def __iter__(self):
                return self
        def __next__(self):
                raise Exception('oops')
        def __len__(self):
                return 1
list(Pool(processes=2).map(double, buggy()))
list(Pool(processes=2).map(double, buggy()))  # hangs

2. The logic in _handle_tasks to handle task, i to could be removed I think. With _guarded_task_generation the for loop cannot fail and the logic itself is buggy now.
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