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Date 2016-11-26.13:21:29
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According to

> NOTE: The shaded positions 00/00 to 01/15 and 07/15 to 09/15 are outside the scope of this International Standard.

So it's clear to me that they are not undefined, they are just described elsewhere.

According to
>ISO/IEC 6937:2001, [...] is a multibyte extension of ASCII

Also, the glibc charmap for ISO_6937 define them:

$ head -n 20 localedata/charmaps/ISO_6937
<code_set_name> ISO_6937
<comment_char> %
<escape_char> /
% version: 1.0
%  source: ECMA registry and ISO/IEC 6937:1992

% alias ISO-IR-156
% alias ISO_6937:1992
% alias ISO6937
<U0000>     /x00         NULL (NUL)
<U0001>     /x01         START OF HEADING (SOH)
<U0002>     /x02         START OF TEXT (STX)
<U0003>     /x03         END OF TEXT (ETX)
<U0004>     /x04         END OF TRANSMISSION (EOT)
<U0005>     /x05         ENQUIRY (ENQ)
<U0006>     /x06         ACKNOWLEDGE (ACK)
<U0007>     /x07         BELL (BEL)
<U0008>     /x08         BACKSPACE (BS)
<U0009>     /x09         CHARACTER TABULATION (HT)

Finally, if we're not implementing this range, this mean we have _no_ way to encode a new line, which looks highly strange to me, newline being a commonly used character.

But I found _no_ line in the whole ISO/IEC6937 about its ASCII inheritance, I may have just missed it.
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