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Date 2016-11-25.19:37:06
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Quoting @martin
> * bisect_right(a, x[, lo[, hi]]) -> index
> This signature is removed. I think removing it is reasonable, because pydoc can extract the proper signature from the Arg Clinic metadata.

In fact,, bullet ".4", told me do remove it:

> If the old docstring had a first line that looked like a function signature, throw that line away. (The docstring doesn’t need it anymore—when you use help() on your builtin in the future, the first line will be built automatically based on the function’s signature.)

> * Additional descriptions of each parameter. I tend to think these are redundant with the main text, so agree with removing them from the patch now.

OK, will remove them.

* Addition of full stop (.) at end of first paragraph. I suggested this as a minor cleanup, but it could be fixed later if you prefer.

Can remove it to simplify verification, but as doctests will be different as doc told me to remove the signature, so is it work removing this dot ? I don't think so.

* Removal of default values in last paragraph. The first is redundant with the Arg Clinic signature, so I suggested to remove it. For the second, I would add it back if we remove the list of parameters, since it explains what the special value -1 means.

I'll revert it too as I'll remove the documentation in the parameter list.

Will upload a patch later.
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