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Date 2016-11-23.23:57:50
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> Another much larger change would be to change f_lasti to -2...

Attached lasti.patch implements this idea. I consider that it makes the C code simpler because getting the next instruction (f_lasti + 2) doesn't require a special case anymore.

My patch keeps f_lasti == -1 at the Python level for backward compatibility.

lasti.patch is only a backward incompatible change at the C level.


Between pygen_yf.patch and lasti.patch, I prefer lasti.patch even if 3.6 is at its last beta version before the final version. I prefer to fix the C API. Later it will be much harder to fix it.


I read again the wordcode issue #26647:

I wrote on the review of wpy7.patch: "The overall change LGTM, but I'm no more 100% sure that starting f_lasti=-1 is safe."

I wrote: "IMHO it's ok to break the C API, but I would prefer to keep the backward compatibility for the Python API (replace any negative number with -1 for the Python API)."

Serhiy: "I think we should make yet few related changes: (...) * Change f_lasti, tb_lasti etc to count code units instead of bytes."
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