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Date 2016-11-19.21:33:28
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The change to dict_equal() LGTM. It doesn't add an overhead.

For dictiter_iternextitem() I propose other change. It doesn't add an overhead.

There are bugs in the patch for _PyDict_FromKeys().

The change to dictitems_contains() adds an overhead, but it is small and seems unavoidable.

I wondering whether it is worth to use PySequence_Tuple() instead of PySequence_Fast() in PyDict_MergeFromSeq2(). This would add a cost of creating new tuple if items are not tuples, but save increfing/decrefing the key and the value in common case.

I have doubts about insertdict(). Additional incref duplicates increfs in dict_merge(). Is it worth to move it outside of insertdict()?

I have doubts about _PyDict_FromKeys(). It seems to me that it is safe to use _PyDict_Next() in a loop that mutates the dict (not checked _PySet_Next()). With guarded insertdict() additional check is not needed (and it doesn't help against clearing the dict inside insertdict()).

In updated patch fixed some bugs and used different solution for dictiter_iternextitem().
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