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Hi Eryk,

Thanks a lot for quick reply~

This is about the bug I filed:

I may still need your help to have a look the original case when I caught
this issue:

​I am writing some test automation which call C DLL from Python, the C
function is something like:

MEASURE_API int InitTester(char *ipAddress)

​So I need to pass an IP address string (for example, from
Python in ctypes to this function. For non-const char in C, I used

c_ipAddress = create_string_buffer(b'')

​But error code returned indicate that the parameter passing is incorrect,
then I traced back and found then reported the c_char_p/c_wchar_p issue.​

Also tried
​c_ipAddress = create_unicode_buffer('')
c_ipAddress = c_char_p(b'')
c_ipAddress = c_wchar_p('')​

​But none of them working... I had called other function to this C DLL
passing c_int(). c_bool(), c_void_p() and etc. they are all working as
expected, only string related have this issue.

Therefore, any idea how write the correct assignment and pass it to ​C DLL
for this case in Python 3.5? Any hint would be great helpful.

Thank you in advance~


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