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Date 2016-11-14.18:37:59
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GNU gettext library accepts only integer value for selecting plural form. Python gettext accepts arbitrary numbers. But gettext formulas are not purposed to support non-integer values and can return incorrect result. For example (in Ukrainian):

   "1 площа", but "1.5 площі", not "1.5 площ".
   "2 гектари", but "2.75 гектара", not "2.75 гектарів".
   "5 тонн", but "5.7 тонни", not "5.7 тонн".

Separate plural form should be used for fractional numbers. Even if fractional part happens to be zero, it is acceptable (e.g. "Time elapsed: 1.000 seconds" in English).

Proposed patch deprecates fractional numbers for selecting plural form in gettext.
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