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Author elliot.gorokhovsky
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Date 2016-11-14.17:25:39
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Sure, if it compiles without that def, I'll remove it from the patch. I
added it because I did all the development in an extension module, which
also included Python.h, but for some reason it gave me a "function
implicitly defined" error for using Py_ABS. Even though I had included
Python.h. Weird, right? So I assumed I had to leave it in the patch as
well. Thanks for pointing this out!

On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 6:09 AM Julien Palard <>

> Julien Palard added the comment:
> Hi Elliot, nice spot!
> Why are you redefining Py_ABS, which looks already defined in `pymacro.h`
> included itself by `Python.h`? I'm not fan of undefining it later, it may
> surprise someone later expecting it to be there.
> I tried to compile without your definition of Py_ABS, just in case I
> missed something in the includes, and it works.
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