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Date 2016-11-14.12:03:26
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> # from utf-8 to iso6937
> def iso6937_encode(input,errors,encoding_map):

Wait, is this code for Python 3? Decode from UTF-8 and encode to ISO-6937 in the same function seems strange to me.

I expected that the codec only implements two functions: encode text (unicode) to ISO-6937 (bytes), decode bytes from ISO-6937 to text.

Since the encoding is non trivial (multibyte), if we decide to add it, I suggest to require unit tests. I would like to see unit tests on multibyte strings, to check how the error handler is handled.


In general, I would prefer to not embed too many codecs in Python, it has a little cost to maintain these codecs.

My rule is more to only added encodings used (in practice) as locale encodings.
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