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Date 2016-11-10.01:38:24
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> * It looks like that some types in the cache are being *reused* by different tests.  

I also noticed this some time ago, ideally we need to make all tests more isolated between each other.

> Now this all of this is just my guess of what's going on here. It might be something that has to be fixed in typing, or maybe we should just add tearDown.

adding tearDown is a good intermediate solution, while I could go through tests and try to make them more isolated from each other where necessary.

> BTW, if I set maxsize=100000 for typing lru_cache, test_generic_forward_ref crashes in refleak-test mode. Maybe this is another bug...

I also noticed this today, and this is something that I don't understand yet. This test should not depend on caching, but it looks like it does. I will think more about this.
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