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Possible options:
> 3. avoid the use of re in venv

That would be a tiny but nice enhancement.

re is a commonly used module. I would prefer to not make its import time slower. Python 3 startup is already something like 3x slower than Python 2. Please don't make it even slower :-( We worked on optimizing Python 3 startup time.

> 2. find a way to mitigate the performance impact of importing re and enum (perhaps making them builtins in Setup.dist?)

I reverted the change, because Guido and Ethan seem to be in favor of a revert, and I don't expect any simple solution for this issue.

I'm quite sure that importing is slow. Optimizing import time is a large task.

Another option to explore is to delay the creation/instanciation of the re flags, something like lazy module import... but at the module attribute level :-)
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