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To expand a bit, the "Python Language Reference" section on "String and Byte Literals" explains:

"Even in a raw literal, quotes can be escaped with a backslash, but the backslash remains in the result; for example, r"\"" is a valid string literal consisting of two characters: a backslash and a double quote; r"\" is not a valid string literal (even a raw string cannot end in an odd number of backslashes). Specifically, a raw literal cannot end in a single backslash (since the backslash would escape the following quote character). Note also that a single backslash followed by a newline is interpreted as those two characters as part of the literal, not as a line continuation."

Because of the difference between Posix- and Windows-style paths and the potential conflicts in the use of `\` (such as you ran into), Python provides the older os.path and the newer pathlib modules, both of which allow you to deal with path manipulations in a more platform-independent manner.
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