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Date 2016-11-04.08:15:21
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The problem raised in msg264946 has been fixed at changeset 15835311b5e6.

This new cross-compiled-skip_2.patch is not specific to Android and fixes test_distutils when the executables used to build the interpreter do not exist on the platform
where the test is run.  The patch also does:
* Fix a bug in test_run of Lib/distutils/tests/ that was using the values of the 'compiler.executables' dictionary instead of the attributes of 'compiler'.
* Removes test_get_python_inc from as Python.h may not be installed on systems where extension modules are not expected to be built (BTW the comment in the test
points out: "This is not much of a test" :).

With this patch, test_distutils runs fine on the Android emulator.
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