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Date 2016-10-25.20:10:24
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I won't be changing the official releases to be a single MSI again - the experience is too hostile towards regular users.

As my (volunteer) time allows, I've been working on resolving the issue in WiX and we are totally capable of moving to a private build of WiX that includes a fix. There is no need to wait for 4.0.

If you would like a single MSI installer, I'd suggest offering some time (or paying someone to spend their time) to develop one and distribute it independently. The old installer might be a good starting point, but it had a range of issues that have been resolved by the new installer. There are also a number of features available in the new installer that are not available under a single MSI (such as per-user installs, installing/skipping the CRT, and disabling MAX_PATH limitations). However, if your installer becomes more popular than the official one, it will be strong evidence that people would rather have one monolithic installer with less reliable options, and we can consider switching back to that format.
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