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Date 2016-10-24.21:37:07
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idlelib.configdialog uses the British spelling 'colour' instead of the American spelling 'color' everywhere except for externally mandated import and parameter names and in some recent comments.  idlelib uses 'color' everywhere else.

# change 'colour' to 'color' in idlelib.configdialog 3.6
with open('F:/python/dev/36/lib/idlelib/', 'r+') as f:
    code ='Colour', 'Color').replace('colour', 'color'); f.truncate()

produces the attached patch.  I would like to apply this before 3.6.0rc.  I might wait until a week before that in case I want to backport any configdialog changes to 3.5.  (Any such changes might require regenerating the patch.)
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