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The value that works for LDSHARED is the value that LDCXXSHARED has. 
BLDSHARED is also broken (currently).

  'BLDSHARED': './Modules/ld_so_aix xlc_r -bI:./Modules/python.exp 

  'LDCXXSHARED': '/opt/lib/python2.7/config/ld_so_aix xlc_r 

except neither BLDSHARED nor LDCXXSHARED have taken the extra LDFLAG 
that was exported before configure was called (in this case -L/opt/lib)

In short: LDSHARED needs to be a full path, not relative and should 
include -L flags used during the build, if any.

LDCXXSHARED should also add LDFLAGS -L entries (and perhaps, where 
relevant -R flags).

BLDSHARED does not work when "builddir" is . and source_dir is 
../src/python-X.W.Y because Modules/ld_so_aix is not in ".", but is at 

On 15-Oct-16 00:23, Martin Panter wrote:
> Martin Panter added the comment:
> This is my understanding:
> We are talking about the code at <> that switches the values of LDSHARED and/or BLDSHARED.
> Yes, Michael H. was suggesting to both move and change (revert) back to overwriting LDSHARED with the value of BLDSHARED. Since he is moving the code into _init_posix(), which I think only gets called at run time, the state of _PYTHON_BUILD won’t affect the value of LDSHARED saved in the installed config file.
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