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Date 2016-10-22.07:52:54
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The '_crypt' module provides a binding to the C crypt(3) function. It is used by the crypt.crypt() function.

Looking at the C code, there are a couple of things we can improve:

- Because crypt() only depends on primitive C types, we currently get away with calling it without it being declared. Ensure that we include <unistd.h>, which is the POSIX header file declaring this.

- The disadvantage of crypt() is that it's thread-unsafe. Systems like Linux and recent versions of FreeBSD nowadays provide crypt_r() as a replacement. This function allows you to pass in a 'crypt_data' object that will hold the resulting string for you. Extend the code to use this function when available.

This patch is actually needed to make this module build on CloudABI ( CloudABI's C library doesn't provide any thread-unsafe functions, meaning that crypt_r() is the only way you can crypt passwords.
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