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Date 2016-10-21.21:02:39
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Ah there was something that I overlooked before - the VN1 and VN2 both have combining accents too. If I read correctly, the main letter should precede the combining character, just as in Unicode; VN3 seems to lack combining characters altogether.

Thus, for simple text conversion from VN* to Unicode, VN1 should be enough, but some VN2/VN3 control/application specific codes might show up as accented capital letters.


The following script rips the table from iconv:

    import subprocess
    mapping ='iconv -f TCVN -t UTF-8'.split(), 

There were several aliases but all of them seemed to produce identical output. Output matches the VN1 from the tables.

And the additionally *did* have a copyable VN1 - UCS2 table
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