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Running shutil.make_archive('a', 'zip', 'subdir') is created wrong and not really needed entry "./" which is visible in zipfile.ZipFile.namelist():

['./', 'foo/', 'hello.txt', 'foo/bar.txt']

This "./" affects some (windows) unzip tools which produces warnings/errors about this incorrect entry.

This error present in Python 2.7.11-12 and Python 3.4.4 (those I have installed right now). But Python 3.3.5 does not have it, maybe because it omits entries for directories at all.

I've attached a simple script which illustrates problem. Tested on Windows with mentioned python versions.

Can't reproduce on Centos 7.2 with Python 3.4.3 and 2.7.5.

I suppose it could be realted to the change I spot in latest 2.7 changelog:

- Issue #24982: shutil.make_archive() with the "zip" format now adds entries
  for directories (including empty directories) in ZIP file.
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