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Author matrixise
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Date 2016-10-18.11:30:49
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I don't find the _PyErr_FormatFromCause function in the code of CPython.

Modules/_tracemalloc.o Modules/hashtable.o  Modules/symtablemodule.o  Modules/xxsubtype.o -lpthread -ldl  -lutil   -lm  
Objects/typeobject.o: In function `set_names':
/home/stephane/src/python/cpython/Objects/typeobject.c:7026: undefined reference to `_PyErr_FormatFromCause'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:736: recipe for target 'Programs/_freeze_importlib' failed
make: *** [Programs/_freeze_importlib] Error 1
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