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Date 2016-10-11.13:20:13
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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I can confirm that the code is broken. Further more there are no tests for IDN for server_hostname.

* server_hostname must be an IDN U-label (locälhost)
* SSL handshake correctly converts and sends TLS SNI as IDN A-label (xn--loclhost-2za)
* getpeercert() returns DNS SAN as IDN A-label. It's less than ideal but required.
* the serverhostname_callback is called with IDN U-label
* match_hostname() is called with IDN U-label

The bug is clearly in match_hostname(). The function fails to convert the hostname U-label to A-label before it compares the certificate.

I have a rough draft of a patch here

By the way IDNA support in Python is broken in general, #17305. We still don't support the latest IDNA standard from 2008 (!). IDNA 2003 is not compatible with German, Greek, Farsi and Sinhalese domains,
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