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On 01-Oct-16 05:57, Martin Panter wrote:
> Martin Panter added the comment:
> Other tests in this file skip the test if libc_name is None. So I think it would make more sense to skip the test rather than fail in test_find(). I.e.
> if not found:
>      self.skipTest("Could not find c and m libraries")
> If you are confident that find_library() will always find libc on AIX, perhaps you can suggest an extra test (or add to an existing test), to first check for the AIX platform, and only then fail if find_library() returned None.
Yes, I am confident - it is part of the core run-time environment:
  # lslpp -w | grep libc.a
   /usr/ccs/lib/libc.a                         bos.rte.libc File
   /usr/lib/libc.a                             bos.rte.libc Symlink
   /usr/lib/threads/libc.a                     bos.rte.libc Symlink

And, bos.rte.libc cannot be uninstalled:

   SELECTED FILESETS:  The following is a list of filesets that you asked to
   remove.  They cannot be removed until all of their dependent filesets
   are also removed.  See subsequent lists for details of dependents.

     bos.rte.libc                      # Base Level Fileset

   NON-DEINSTALLABLE DEPENDENTS:  The following filesets depend upon one or
   more of the selected filesets listed above.  These dependents should
   be removed before the selected filesets.  Deinstallability checks 
   that these dependents should not be removed from the system; 
therefore, the
   selected filesets cannot be removed.

     bos.mp64                          # Base Operating System 
     bos.rte                           # Base Level Fileset
     devices.chrp.IBM.lhea.rte         # Host Ethernet Adapter 
(HEA) ...
     devices.chrp.base.rte             # RISC PC Base System 
Device S...
     devices.chrp.vdevice.rte          # Virtual I/O Bus Support
     devices.vdevice.IBM.v-scsi.rte    # Virtual SCSI Client Support
     ifor_ls.base.cli                  # License Use Management 

I gave up counting the number of dependents that "officially" are 
dependents on bos.rte.libc after the count went above 200 - on a vanilla 
system install.

I'll make a different test (skip if not aix) that find_library("c") must 
succeed. The load has already been tested - with libc_name already 

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