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Date 2016-10-03.17:55:57
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Hey there,

wanted to follow up on the state of this... is there a reason why this has not made it into vanilla yet? If so, I'd like to try to help out clear impediments if I can.

This issue is *really*, really, really annoying me. I've posted about a year ago on python-list ( and was referred to this bug and thought I'd wait it out. But now the last change was 2 years ago and no relief in sight.

So if nothing else, please take it as a gentle reassurance that this bug is really affecting real-world scenarios and annoying as hell. Especially since the semantic of a non-breaking space is pretty much exactly to *not* break on text wrapping.

If there's anything I can contribute to get things going again, by all means please let me know. All hands on deck!

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