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Date 2016-10-03.03:50:56
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> Advice for final user:

This seems something worthy of adding to the codecs doc as a footnote. Perhaps something like "(deprecated) ... gb2312 is an obsolete encoding from the 1980s. Use gbk or gb18030 instead." will do.

> libiconv-1.14 is also using the wrong version.

Just a side note on the right/wrongfulness of libiconv: I have reported the GB18030 incompatibility as a libiconv bug.[1] From the replies, I learnt that 1) what libiconv is using currently is a then-official mapping published on; 2) vendor implementations of gb2312 differed historically. I have updated the corresponding section[2] on Wikipedia to include these old references.

Still, being old and common does not necessarily mean being correct, as Ma Lin have demonstrated by showing the character semantics. To reflect this in a better-supported manner, I have added names for the glyphs in question from GB2312-80 to [2].
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