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Author Michael.Felt
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Date 2016-09-30.22:33:14
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I am not suggesting anything. I am only trying to report what I experience.

The first observation was that I could not build python when src != build directory. I believe that was the original complaint as well.

The second observation came when I tried to use pip install, and also make of the mercurial "addition". That module consistently failed until I editted, manually, the _sysconf*.py file to make LDwhatever the same as LDCXXwhatever.

With study I  could figure out what they stand for - I would guess they are related, if not derived from, to some "autotool" conventions.

To be honest, I do not understand what is meant by "flipping", so I am neither for nor against.

For me to test a patch - which I am very willing to do - I would be grateful for the mercurial command(s) to test it normally (now that I finally have it working - I figured out how to make the SSL part work this evening).

In short, please do not shoot me, the messenger :)
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