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Author Oren Milman
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Date 2016-09-29.12:48:44
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You are right about the terminology of course. My bad.

Anyway, the bug is not related to __index__ (or nb_index), because the three aforementioned functions are using (in case '!PyLong_Check(v)') PyArg_Parse with the formats 'l' or 'L'.
Ultimately, convertsimple (in Python/getargs.c) would call PyLong_AsLong or PyLong_AsLongLong (respectively).
These two (in case '!PyLong_Check(v)') only try to use nb_int, as documented:

But just in case, I ran the following:
    import array
    class LikeInt:
        def __init__(self, intVal):
            self.intVal = intVal
        def __index__(self):
            return self.intVal
and got a 'TypeError: an integer is required (got type LikeInt)'
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