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Date 2016-09-27.19:17:34
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Actually, what may be needed are more "@skip" blocks - as ctypes has always been platform dependent.

OR - have a counter or boolean that starts as zero or false and increase each time find_library() returns a value - and the test fails if the counter is still zero, or boolean is still false.

Further, perhaps a separate test_load() that is platform specific - with the correct - read expected - result from find_library(). I say expected because python has always been testing for while I see in cloud-init that that are calls hard-coded to CDLL("") - but maybe that is something specific for Canonical aka ubuntu.

However, it seems that expecting to ALWAYS be present is not safe.


michael@x071:[/data/prj/python/cloud-init]grep CDLL cloud-init-0*/cloudinit/*.py
cloud-init-0.7.5/cloudinit/            libc = ctypes.CDLL('/lib/')
cloud-init-0.7.8/cloudinit/            libc = ctypes.CDLL('/lib/')
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