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> The problem is: setting PYTHON_FOR_BUILD manually breaks cross-compiling. Please remove it, add python3.6 to $PATH and cross-compiling should be OK.

I see.

> For the problem of libffi: since issue27976 using bundled libffi is deprecated. Please build libffi outside CPython and then use --with-system-ffi.

Will do.

> Some other minor points:
* Android support is still highly experimental. Please consider using the latest mercurial changeset, or at least 3.6.x. 3.5.x requires too many patches.

I've had 3.5 running on my Android tablet for a year now, so it's a little late to worry about how many patches it requires (I didn't submit a patch then, because until recently, my changes made it compile *only* for Android).

> * Android NDK has deprecated GCC.

I know :(  Updating my SCons script to use Clang is on my to-do list.
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