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Date 2016-09-23.16:25:45
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I'm wrapping C function using ctypes. Function has following prototype:
bool func(some_struct* pointer, uint32_t a, uint16_t b, uint16_t c, const uint8_t *d, const uint8_t *e, const uint8_t *f, some_enum *e);
I tried a lot of variants of wrapper but on windows I always have "access violation reading 0x00000000" in console. On Linux everything works fine. I tested it with different versions of Python, it presents at least in 3.3 - 3.5. I think bug is in passing uint8_t *d, uint8_t *e, uint8_t *f, because wrapper for almost the same function with 1 pointer instead of 3 works as expected.
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