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Date 2016-09-15.22:29:38
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I've attached a potential fix for this issue.

While trying to fix this, I noticed that I coudn't assume that I just need to ensure that each line has a newline. If I always ensure each line in diffline has a newline, then the fourth test in testAssertMultilineEqual (in Lib/unittest/test/ fails because standardMsg in assertMultiLineEqual in Lib/unittest/ is just one line without a newline. To sidestep this problem, I made it so that I only ensure there is a newline for each line if and only if there is more than one line in difflines. However, I'm not sure that I can assume there should be a newline in cases similar to the fourth test (where longMessage is set to true and a 'msg' is passed) in testAssertMultilineEqual but where there is more than one line in standardMsg in assertMultiLineEqual.
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