Author piman
Date 2006-02-26.05:08:13
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The attached patch causes shutil.copy and shutil.copy2 (and
so copytree, and move) to ignore EACCES and EPERM from
copymode and copystat respectively. Other errors are
reraised with the original traceback. Any error copying the
file, rather than the metadata, is still considered fatal.
User calls to copymode and copystat still fail as before.

Justification: On Linux, utime(2) says the distinction
between EACCES and EPERM is blurry and "Linux is not careful
to distinguish between the EACCES and EPERM" so the patch
ignores both. In my opinion, anyone wanting to deal with
low-level details like mtimes and modes is probably not
using shutil, so ignoring is better than a new exception
(which would just result in complicated new code, and
surprise old code). It's also easy for a caller to check if
the mode/utimes were copied, if it's important to them.
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