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Author eryksun
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Date 2016-09-12.05:08:35
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The attached patch adds tests and the suggested enhancement to _WindowsFlavour.is_reserved. 

Shouldn't it also return True if the name contains ASCII control characters? They're only valid in NTFS stream names. Also, I think a name containing a colon that's not part of a DOS drive letter spec should be considered reserved. Otherwise it could designate an NTFS named stream (e.g. "path\filename:streamname:$DATA"), which is rarely desired and not universally supported, e.g. FAT32 doesn't support file streams. I'm thinking of a program that calls this method to ensure that a path is reasonably 'safe' for use on Windows -- i.e. isn't inherently invalid and won't do something surprising like open NUL or write to a named stream.
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