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Matthias seems to have already applied his patch in Python 3.3 and 3.4+: revision f2cc3d8b88bb.

Roumen: Is your problem still relevant? If so, perhaps open a separate bug to elaborate.

Koobs: Is your problem with finding Python/Python-ast.c still relevant? Is the $(ASDLGEN) makefile rule being run? I tried building both Python 2 and 3 outside the source tree, with Gnu and BSD Make. In all cases, if I hack the timestamps to force $(ASDLGEN) to run and remove the original source Python/Python-ast.c, it is correctly generated and compiled in the build directory. If I hack the timestamps the other way so that $(ASDLGEN) is not run, the file from the source directory is compiled into the build directory. So everything seems to be working reasonably well.
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