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Date 2016-09-12.00:16:35
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I cannot reproduce the segfaults for the first four issues however valgrind still reports problems for all but the second. The fifth (last) one still segfaults.

I have a patch for the fifth issue. The other remaining issues are all reporting the same invalid read at exit. I'm not sure whether that is the same issue reported here or something else that they all trigger:

Invalid read of size 8
    at 0x43C5FA: delete_garbage (gcmodule.c:868)
    by 0x43C5FA: collect (gcmodule.c:1019)
    by 0x43D2F0: _PyGC_CollectNoFail (gcmodule.c:1623)
    by 0x55D95E: PyImport_Cleanup (import.c:420)
    by 0x4224E5: Py_FinalizeEx.part.3 (pylifecycle.c:612)
    by 0x43B0CB: Py_Main (main.c:798)
    by 0x41DC71: main (python.c:69)
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