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Date 2016-09-10.18:12:37
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With the attached patch, the python test suite runs smoothly on android and without errors on linux. On android, there are two new failed test cases in test_sysconfig that I will look into later (in the frame of this issue, I guess ?), but otherwise about the same tests fail that were failing before.

Here are some details about the fix:

> Another problem is that the shared libraries names of the extension modules are now suffixed with the wrong triplet.

This is because _init_posix() in Lib/distutils/ still imports the native python sysconfigdata module instead of the newly built one for the target host.

After _init_posix() is fixed, another problem occurs: extension modules are now built by including /usr/include from the native system and this leads to some unresolved dlopen references at run time on android. The reason is that add_gcc_paths() in calls sysconfig.get_config_var('CC') and this returns the native compiler instead of the cross-compiler.

So a solution is to set the _SYSCONFIGDATA_NAME environment variable in PYTHON_FOR_BUILD.
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