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Date 2016-09-09.23:34:07
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Matthias Klose: Maybe you didn't understand something: breaking the backward compatibility was a deliberate choice. It's a matter of maintenance burden versus the number of broken applications.

According to your search, there are only 8 projects in the wild which will break on Python 3.6. Please compare this number to the number of Python modules on PyPI: 88 298 packages, according to

Moreover, it seems like some of these 8 projects are not compatible with Python 3 yet, so it's not like this specific change broke them...

Finally, I don't like repeating myself, but: fixing these project requires to modify A SINGLE LINE OF CODE. I know well that Debian likes patching packages, it's not like it is something technically impossible.

Please don't reopen the issue again without a very strong argument.
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