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Author gregory.p.smith
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Date 2016-09-08.21:32:32
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configure --with-optimizations is failing on the Debian --with-optimizations buildbot:

The compiled python is segfaulting when it goes to run the interpreter to build modules via

this passes manually on ubuntu 16.04.  debian jessie 8.5 is failing here.  older gcc 4.9.2 toolchain.

i suspect --with-lto is not a good thing to enable by default everywhere. should be updated to exclude --with-lto in more situations than just Darwin.  we also know it doesn't work with clang as our configure and makefile are today.  so start with a conditional on gcc version being at least 5.4 (which is what ubuntu 16.04 ships with)?  or is it related to the binutils (ld) version when gcc is present?  or both.  LTO is a maze of twisty passages.

To lower this from "release blocker" we need to make --with-optimizations not enable --with-lto anywhere it is likely to fail.
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