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Likely to be resolved, or at least significantly updated, for 3.6 due to PEP 528 and PEP 529:

* Using sys.stdin consistently at the default interactive prompt: issue 1602
* Improved Unicode handling in the Windows console: issue 17620
* Allowing text encoding and error handling to be specified in subprocess module APIs: issue 6135

New change landing in 3.6:

* Changing the Windows default encoding to UTF-8 to better match bytes handling conventions on *nix systems: issue 27781

Likely deferred to 3.7:

* providing a way to change the encoding of an existing stream: issue 15216
* utilities for clearing out surrogates from strings: issue 18814
* treating "wsgistr" as a serialisation format: issue 22264
* defining a formatting mini-language for hex output: issue 22385
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