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> Do you mean in addition to the "Quick search" text that is already on the page or do you want to remove that?

The latter. All of the popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and even Safari) already support the placeholder attribute so I think we can safely ignore IE 8 :)

> What problems are you thinking of?

Honestly, I can't remember now, but I was talking about old Chrome and Firefox versions. Let's ignore my comment for now.

I have two more minor comments:

1. +    <div class="inline-search" style="display: none" role="search">

   I know this is basically a copy of upstream searchbox.html, but we can probably remove ``style="display: none"`` and ``$('.inline-search').show(0);``.

2. +    <li class="right inline-search">

   inline-search doesn't seem to be necessary here. ``display: inline`` is already applied by ``div.related li``.

I also found a regression in search.html. It doesn't show or highlight the search
words provided in the URL. Try the following URL to reproduce the problem:

Screenshot from

Screenshor from my local copy with searchbar_in_header.diff3 applied:
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