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Thanks, Nick. I've also observed that the package that was mentioned in the comments was "Numeric Python" and I confirmed that numpy is not currently using this option, so that's a positive indication that it's unneeded. I've also reached out to New Relic and invited them to comment here about the value they get (if any) from the option.

I've committed the deprecation warning as well. I'll plan to mirror this deprecation warning in Setuptools to get faster feedback. I'm open to reverting this change before the final release of Python 3.6 if it turns out to be a necessary feature.

As for your first suggestion - having Setuptools disable the behavior, I'm not sure Setuptools has the context to disable the behavior, because at the time pip is invoking the install command, Setuptools doesn't know whether pip is going to install the packages into platlib or elsewhere. At least, that's my presumption; I haven't dived into the code. I'm okay with not having a workaround if later versions of Setuptools and Python can disable the functionality without breaking anything but the most obscure packages.
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