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Date 2016-09-01.10:32:12
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A GEN_RID is an OID plus some opaque data. It's up to an application to understand an OID and interpret its data. The value of a GEN_RID can be as simple as an int or UTF-8 strings or as complex as a nested ASN.1 struct for Kerberos principals.

I have modified Lib/test/ to include two GEN_RIDS: 

  otherName.1 =;UTF8:some other identifier
  otherName.2 =;SEQUENCE:princ_name

  realm = EXP:0, GeneralString:KERBEROS.REALM
  principal_name = EXP:1, SEQUENCE:principal_seq
  name_type = EXP:0, INTEGER:1
  name_string = EXP:1, SEQUENCE:principals
  princ1 = GeneralString:username is the OID for Kerberos public key init (pkinit), used for e.g. FAST pre-auth and SmartCard authentication.
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