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Since we're using re as the sample, here's where re.I is defined:

I = IGNORECASE = sre_compile.SRE_FLAG_IGNORECASE # ignore case

As already mentioned, re.I results in 2, and a re.compile object is not usable as a re flag.

> Also, I suppose that means you've given up on the autocreation

We decided auto-created values were too magical for the stdlib (see issue26988).  They will exist in my aenum package, though.

> (since the values _are_ semantical here),

The values have meaning because the underlying library gave them meaning; so assuming a type of Flags are used, they will be IntFlags.

> and I suppose you'll require all the declared values to be powers of 2.

Nope.  You are welcome to give more meaningful names to different combinations of powers of two.

> With those conditions, I think this is a good enhancement of Python.

Hopefully you still think so. ;)
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