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I have confirmed Masayuki's patch (3.4-distutils-shlibext.patch) fixes a few build issues on Cygwin.

At its core, what it's fixing is allowing UnixCCompiler.find_library_file to find import libraries on Cygwin.  

That in turn is necessary for --with-system-ffi to work, which is currently needed; on Cygwin64 at least the ffi compile as part of _ctypes fails (a separate issue to be addressed separately).  But in the meantime making --with-system-ffi work again goes a long way.

It should be noted there is a patch at #18654 to make the CygwinCCompiler class work again, and switch to using it to handle Cygwin-specific build issues as origially intended.  I intend to review that ticket and spend some time on it, but it's more complex and not necessarily the simplest way forward.

In the meantime this one-line patch accomplishes a fair bit.
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