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Date 2016-08-25.14:38:37
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Here are three patches for this:

- add_gitattributes_1.patch adds `.gitattributes`, with all the newline preferences in `.hgeol` (with the exception of the "native" rule at the end, which in git is the default newline preference).
- fix_newlines_1.patch fixes test_sax to properly handle CRLF (since *.xml files may have either LF or CRLF), as well as a single batch file which wasn't using CRLF line endings for some reason.
- test_random_warning_1.patch is somewhat unrelated, but it makes sure that failures in the `pickle.load` call no longer show ResourceWarnings on stderr.

The two tests which used to fail no longer do so. Maybe add_gitattributes_1.patch should be backported to 2.7, but probably not the other ones.
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