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Date 2016-08-24.20:18:53
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I built the 3.5 docs on Win10 with Sphinx 1.3.3 and corresponding dependencies and got a new warning as a result of 8ba0000c90be for #26462:
F:\Python\dev\36\Doc\whatsnew\3.2.rst:2063: WARNING: Pygments lexer name 'doscon' is not known

Thinking the problem was an out-of-date pygments module, I updated sphinx and dependencies (to 1.4.6, etc).  I was right that updating pygments fixed the warning above, but now I get 140 warnings!!!

4 are from the reading phase for configparser.rst.  The first:

F:\Python\dev\35\Doc\library\configparser.rst:240: WARNING: Could not lex literal_block as "ini". Highlighting skipped.

I presume this could be fixed, but I don't know how.

136 are about "<path:  WARNING: unknown option:  -x."

Sphinx, at least with how we use it, and the Python docs are out of sync here. I think we need more eyes on this.

"This patch disables the warning," ??? Not here.

" but I tend to think it is not a good long-term solution."

Printing 136 warnings is also not a good solution.  I rebuilt the docs locally because I was planning to patch a misspelling I found while reading the doc.  Looking in a list of several pages for a warning I might have caused is failure-prone and no fun.  In the Windows console, the page-up and page-down keys do not page up and down.  To not miss anything, I would have to carefully use a mouse wheel or scrollbar clicks.

I am building with "sphinx-build -bhtml . build/html" is a .bat file.  Is there anything I can add to suppress only 'unknown option' warnings?
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