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As much as Steven's proposal would give me what I want in Py3.6, I must say I'm -1 on it. The assumption of every Fraction being reduced to lowest terms is really an important invariant that provides numerous opportunities for optimization (look at __eq__ for example, second if). I think it would be very wrong to have to generalize all the algorithms of Fraction to work correctly with non-normalized Fractions.

Furthermore, current (normalized) fractions are Rationals, thus belonging to the Python numeric tower. non-normalized fractions are not. Even if we _would_ someday have non-normalized fractions in stdlib, they would probably need to be named differently. (Currently Decimals are having an opposite problem: the main reason why adding decimal literals to Python is hard is because they would obviously have to be Reals, thus belonging to numeric tower, while current decimal.Decimals do not belong there.:)

[And mediants can be usefully researched if you stay within |Q, too; some of my students have done that. Even Wikipedia says (though it doesn't go into details):

    A way around this, where required, is to specify that both rationals are to be represented as fractions in their lowest terms (with c > 0, d > 0). With such a restriction, mediant becomes a well-defined binary operation on rationals.

    from fractions import Fraction
    def mediant(p:Fraction, q:Fraction):
        return Fraction(p.numerator + q.numerator,
                                  p.denominator + q.denominator)

Now, can we go back to a tiny three-character addition with no disadvantages at all (if I'm wrong, please inform me), making Python stdlib a bit better in catching accidental mistakes?
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