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Date 2016-08-23.00:01:04
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I had understood that changing find_library() would only be useful in combination with the automatic RTDL_MEMBER detection. If you want to mention lack of support for AIX in the documentation, that is okay by me. If you want to propose an alternative find_library() implementation _without_ affecting the CDLL behaviour, that may be okay too.

For the libuuid problem, for 2.7 I would suggest adding an explicit call to load libc.a(. . .) or whatever is appropriate.

Personally I don’t have a specific interest in AIX, but I am happy to commit patches for AIX if I think they are sensible. I think I mentioned before in the other bug that your changes seemed okay for the next Python version. The beta deadline for 3.6 is in a few weeks (PEP 494), although after that there is still 3.7.
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