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Date 2016-08-22.20:04:34
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>an implementation of the vastly *less* common pattern:

Ok, here are some numbers.
My codebase is about 32 kLOC.

$ git grep suppressAllExc |wc -l
$ git grep contextlib\\.suppress |wc -l

(suppressAllExc being my local version to suppress Exception, but exclude a few)

So _neither_ one is pretty common. And that's not surprising, as exceptions ought to be properly handled most of the time.
However the ratio between the two forms is about 1:1. So I don't agree that it would be "vastly *less* common".

But I do accept if such a thing is not wanted upsteam, Altough it basically is a twoliner. I'll simply have to ship my own (I'll have to do that anyway for older Python versions. meh :)

Thanks for the discussion.
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