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Date 2016-08-22.09:17:21
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Neither. I see _two_ rows, lower one is as you quoted. So:

--Key Set----------------------------------------
( ) Use a Built-in Key Set [IDLE Classic Windows --]
(*) Use a  Custom  Key Set [IDLE Classic Windows --]

The first button is grayed out. I can select the first radio button and it works (I can switch to a different builtin set), but as soon as I select the second one, the old behavior returns (select Veky2, OK, doesn't work).

The shortcut I miss the most is Ctrl+Up/Down instead of Alt+p/n for history back/forward. But I guess it doesn't really matter much, unless you're willing to add it to the builtin set. :-D

I also have customized sys.ps1, sys.ps2 and sys.__interactivehook__, but I really think this shouldn't matter for this bug.
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