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'.0' does not have a name unless the user defines it; similarly, '.-1' does not have a name unless the user defines it.

For Flags, negative numbers are supported in order to specify which flags are desired, but the final representation will be zero or positive:

>>> class Hah(enum.Flags):
...   this, that, these, those, thuse
>>> Hah(0)
<Hah: 0>
>>> Hah(-1)
<Hah.this|that|these|those|thuse: 31>

The algorithm is simple: start with the biggest Flag and mask off matching bits until all bits are are matched.  If any unmatched bits remain an error is raised.

If a user does horrible things like your Weird class then any breakage is on them.

As it stands, Weird(7) would be <Weird.A|BC: 7>, and if A was not defined an error would be raised.
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